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Emery Cloth 40 Grit (3M)

Emery Cloth Dimensions: 50mx50mmQty 1 Pcs Emery cloth is an abrasive similar to sandpaper, but has a cloth backing instead of a paper backing making it much more durable. It...
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Oil Treatment

Oil Treatment500 ml Oil Treatment makes your engine run smoother for longer, with a unique blend that enables oil to maintain its body under high temperature and stress. Oil treatment...
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Engine Flush

Engine Flush 500 ml Engine Flush is specifically formulated to give your engine new life by cleaning and freeing piston rings, valves and hydraulic valve lifters. Engine Flush cleans internal...
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Stop Smoke

Stop Smoke 500 ml Stop smoke unique formula is ly designed to reduce smoke caused by excessive oil burnt during combustion. stop smoke seals the gaps between worn engine parts,...
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Engine Stop Leak

Engine Stop Leak500 ml stop leak is ly formulated to stop oil leaks caused by faulty gaskets, O-Rings or sunken rubber seals.Use in engines, differentials and manual gearbox.
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Petrol Injector Cleaner

Petrol Injector Cleaner 250 ml Petrol Injector treatment removes all damaging deposits after just one treatment, restoring Battery_and_Power and smooth engine running, improving acceleration and fuel economy.
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Petrol Treatment

Size: 100ml Suitable for all petrol, catalytic convertors, turbo engines. Petrol treatment: Upper cylinder lubricant Improves Engine Battery_and_Power and economy
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