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Chemicals & Lubricantspratley

White Putty - P84135 (Pratley)

White Putty Quickset 125 g Hand -Mouldable Fills,seals,repairs. Sets like steel. Pratley Quickset Putty is and mouldable epoxy based putty which sets like steel in about 20 Minutes. Use it...
AdhesivesChemicals & Lubricants

Quickset Clear Glue (Pratley)

Clear GlueQuickset40 mlSet clear for invisible yet permanent RepairPratley Quickset Clear glue is a very strong adhesive which bonds to most rigid metals in approximately 15 Minutes.It is clear in...

Steel Glue (Pratley)

Steel Glue Quickset 40 ml Colour matches iron, steel and aluminium. Can be machined. Pratley steel is a quick-setting metal mender and filler. It sets like steel and can be...
Chemicals & Lubricantspratley

Safety Cleaner (Pratley)

Safety Cleaner200gCleans switch and relay contacts, communtators,rheostat wipers and precision mechanical parts.Also cleans oily parts prior to pratlok anaerobic bonding. Flush away oil, dirt and grease. Leaves no residue or...
AdhesivesChemicals & Lubricants

Flange Sealant & Gasket Maker (Pratley)

Flange Sealant & Gasket MakerSilicone free50 mlOnly for Metallic, ferrous surfaces otherwise Pratlok activator is needed. Not Recommend for plastic parts or in oxygen rich environments

Powder Bond (Pratley)

Powder BondAdhesive & Powder Filler Repair KitPowder Bond is an instant repair system which can be used either as a two part kit or single adhesive.Use to fix : car...
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