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Chemicals & Lubricantspratley

White Putty (Pratley)

White PuttyQuickset125 gHand -Mouldable Fills,seals,repairs.Sets like steel. Pratley Quickset Putty is and mouldable epoxy based putty which sets like steel in about 20 Minutes.Use it for filling, sealing and shaping.It...
AdhesivesChemicals & Lubricants

Quickset White Glue (Pratley)

Quickset White Glue125gHigh strengthPratley Quickset White Glue is a thick paste and is one of the strongest adhesives known.Adheres to: Metal,Stone,cement,concrete,slate,glass,wood&most rigid materials.Its sets in about 15 min with a...

Rubber Tape - Self Fusing (Pratley)

Pratley Rubber TapeSelf Fusing0.5mmx19mmx1.6mPratley Rubber Tape is 'self fusing'. It fuses to itself once wrapped and has 10001 uses.The self fusing property prevents it from coming loose and renders it...

Epoxy - 1,2,3 (Pratley)

Epoxy1 - 2 -315mlPratley 1-2-3 Is a 3rd generation high strength, adhesive.It sets quickly and permanently.No mixing is needed.Excellent on aluminium.

Ezee Bond Glue (Pratley)

Ezee Bond Glue20ml Rapid bonding. Easy to use.Pratley Ezeebond is a high Battery_and_Power, toughened acrylic adhesive, ideal for replacing spot welds, bonding aluminium sheeting, fibre-glass components and most rigid plastics....
Chemicals & Lubricantspratley

Wonda Fix Black (Pratley)

Wonda Fix Black30mlRepairs scuffed hoses Repair Damaged Car BumperRepair Cracked car dashboard High strength and flexible
Chemicals & Lubricantspratley

Wonda Fix White (Pratley)

Wonda Fix White30mlMends Rigid and flexible materials permanently Wondafix is a unique advanced formulation, high strength, flexible repair system.Tough, strong, abrasion and shock resistant.Ideal for repairing Difficult items
Chemicals & Lubricantspratley

Quickset Putty (Pratley)

Quickset Putty125gHigh strengthPratley Steel Putty is a medium to fast curing, hand mouldable and incredibly strong, adhesive metal putty. It sets like steel in about 30 minutes and can be...
Chemicals & Lubricantspratley

Chemical Resistant Adhesive (Pratley)

Pratley Chemical Resistant adhesive Size: 40ml Repair Rigid swimming pool plumbing.Repair Items To Be Submerged in Water.Coat Metal Battery Housing Pratley Spoo1 is exceptionally diesel, oil, battery acid , water...
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