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Chemicals & Lubricantsspanjaard

Copper Compound Tube (Spanjaard)

Copper Compound Tube100gAnti-seize, Anti-corrosion compound.Extreme temperture anti-seize and anti-corrosion compound up to 1100'CPermits firmer tightening and easier loosening of threaded connections and mating surfaces.Use on automotive wheel studs,exhaust system nuts,...
Chemicals & Lubricantsspanjaard

Copper Compound Spray (Spanjaard)

Copper Compound Spray400 mlAdhesive gasket sealing and positioning spray containing copper powder.The copper acts as a heat conductor and filling agent, smooohting out surface irregularities.This allows the gasket to be...
Chemicals & LubricantsCooling System

Radiator Sealer (Spanjaard)

Radiator Sealer375 mlSeals minor leaks and protects against corrosion.Safe for use in aluminium engine blocks and cyclinder heads.Compatible with anti-freeze preparations.For use inall types of coolling systems up to 10L...
Chemicals & Lubricantsspanjaard

Gearbox & Diff Supplement (Spanjaard)

Gearbox & Diff Supplement100mlReduces wear and extends life. Smoother gear selection and quiter differential.Increases gearbox and differential reliability.Not suitable for automatic transmissions and limited slip differnetials.
Chemicals & Lubricantsspanjaard

Hi-Spot Blue (Spanjaard)

HI- Spot Blue 300ml A blue coloured locator of high-spots or contact areas on gears, valve seats, bearing and other critical areas during manufacturing or reassembly. Leaves a blue waxy...
Chemicals & Lubricantsspanjaard

Smoke Doctor (Spanjaard)

Smoke DoctorStop Smoke500 mlEngine oil viscosity improverReducess exhaust smoke caused by oil consumption in worn engines. Improves Lubrication/ reduces friction between metal parts.Cushions regular impact areas such as tappets,cams and...
Chemicals & Lubricantsspanjaard

Brake Cleaner (Spanjaard)

Brake Cleaner500 mlHeavy duty cleaner for drum and disc brakes, Brakes cables, rotors and disc pad/drum lining surfaces without disassembly.Effectively removes brake dust , dirt, grease and brake fluid deposits.Reduces...
Chemicals & Lubricantsspanjaard

Carburettor & Fuel System Cleaner (Spanjaard)

Carburettor & Fuel System Cleaner375 mlCleans and protects the entire fuel system.Reduces friction which can prolong engine life.A clean fuel system can reduces emissions and improve fuel economy. Will not...
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