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Chemicals & LubricantsCooling System

Radcool - All year radiator protection - RC1 (Waxco)

Prevent engine overheating Maintains cooling system Keep flow channels clean and unrestricted 1 LitreHolts
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Motorcycle Chain Treatment (Waxco)

Motorcycle Chain TreatmentChain Treatment200mlAnti- Rust ProtectionLonger Chain & Spocket LifespanStops squeaks Lubricates moving Part Waxco Motorcycle chain Treatment Lube is an anti-friction metal conditioner which is of high-tech forulation that...
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Extra Performance Lube (Waxco)

Extra Performance Lube237 mlMade in MalaysiaWaxco Extra Performance Lube is an anti-friction metal conditioner which is of high-tech formulation that contains no suspended solids such as Teflon (P.T.F.E), Graphite, or...
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Power Plus - Fuel Saver (Waxco)

Power Plus - Fuel Saver Octane booster For Petrol & Diesel 237ml Benefits: Increase octane level. Improve horsepower and mileage. Cleans fuel systems. Eliminates engine knocking and pinging. Contains detergents...
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Automatic Transmission Treatment (Waxco)

Automatic Transmission Treatment287mlWaxco Tech Transmission gear treatment is scientifically formulated tp protect against leaking and premature wear and tear due to rust, foaming,sludge, varnish and corrosion.Blended with base oils and...
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Manual Transmission Treatment (Waxco)

Manual Transmission Treatment 287 ml Rust and corrosion inhibitors Extreme Pressure additives Anti-wear and Anti foam Extreme pressure additives Detergents and dispersant. Made in Malaysia
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Oil Treatment For New Cars (Waxco)

Oil Treatment For New cars287 mlImproves engine lubrication to run smoother, cooler and quieter.Reduces engine wear by protecting vital engine parts and piston rings.Improves fuel economy with better ignition.Increase engine...
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Oil Treatment For Old Cars (Waxco)

Oil Treatment For Old cars 287 ml Improves engine lubrication to run smoother, cooler and quieter. Reduces engine wear by protecting vital engine parts and piston rings. Improves fuel economy...
Exterior Accessorieswaxco

Petroll Injector Cleaner (Waxco)

Petrol Injector Cleaner287 mlCleans dirty carburettors.Saves fuelReduce intake and exhaust valve deposits.Cleans clogged fuel injectors.Removes water from fuel system.Treats up to 60lMade in MalaysiaRace Proven
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Carnuba Car Wax (Waxco)

Carnuba Car waxPremium Car Wax125 mlWaxco Carnuaba car wax is a premium car wax with natural caruaba wax for extra gloss and endurance.This formula dramatic deepens the colour, bring out...
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Leather Shine (Waxco)

Leather ShineProtects with satin shine125 mlthe ideal care and protection product for all interior plastic dashboard , interior linings etc.Gives treated parts a fresh satin shine.
Chemicals & LubricantsExterior Accessories

Metallic & 2K Car Polish (Waxco)

Metallic & 2K Car Polish Premium Quality Waxco metallic& 2K car polish is a premium quality car polish that caters ly for metallic and 2K paint finishes. A technological breakthrough...
Chemicals & LubricantsCleaning Products

WindShield Cleaner (Waxco)

Windshield CleanerWindshield washer fluid concentrate immediately removes all oily and blinding film leaving windshield cyrstal clear for safer vision.150ml
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